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Our foundational therapeutic model is Internal Family Systems, a form of psychotherapy that focuses on a client's internal “parts” and “Self.” In IFS, the mind is considered to be naturally made up of multiple sub-personalities or families within each individual's mental system - "Self" is our natural healing energy.

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To live a relaxed life, you're invited to face internal conflicts with curiosity. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your mental health to feel relaxed. From personal experience, allowing your mind to relax can be overwhelming and exhausting, so I use my cutting-edge training and 30 years of knowledge as a therapist and businesswoman to help hundreds of heart-centred people like you feel relaxed and at peace with their life.

I’m here to ensure you get access to top-quality therapeutic services because you deserve it.






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We work with all parts which take up residence in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. We start wherever the parts in your system wish to start. With IFS, it’s an authentic, organic process.

Remember. However you feel in this moment is a Part of you, NOT the whole you. We've got you and the protectors of your heart.

If three months feels too daunting, you can access one on one IFS. Book a complimentary consultation here

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